R 0.00 R 0.00 R 30.00

R 3 520.00 R 600.00 R 220.00 R 150.00 R 26.00 R 750.00 R 669.20 R 5 479.20

R 0.00 R 0.00

R 0.00 R 150.00 R 440.00 R 600.00 R 26.00 R 450.00 R 0.00 R 0.00

R 5 479.20

This estimation is merely indicative, is provided for general information purposes and should be used as a guide only. Depending on the nature of a specific transaction, the charges reflected in this estimation may vary. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the calculator, C&A Friedlander cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of this calculator, including any incorrect information generated by this calculator, and/or arising pursuant to your reliance on such information. This estimation does not make provision for:

  • VAT on fees and charges;
  • VAT/ Zero Rated or excepted transactions;
  • Multiple Properties;
  • Provision for pro-rata rates and taxes (if required by council);
  • Charges for Home Owners Certificates;
  • Charges for Levy Clearance Certificates;
  • Provision for pro-rata levy and/or Home Owners Levies;
  • Transfer of Exclusive Use Areas / Notarial Cessions;
  • Bank charges;
  • Valuation fees;
  • Insurance Certificates;
  • Suretyship Fees and NHBRC Certificates.